Everyday ordinary

Life doesn’t always turn out as planned. It really doesn’t. From marrying a crazy-haired musician-turned pastor to packing school lunches, shopping for shoes, burning dinner, and cyberstalking her neighbor, author Kat Groshong shares how her plans were turned upside down and a little sideways from the plans of her youth. And even though her plans changed, God is always at work, in both the big moments and the seemingly small, insignificant moments, too. Through her whimsical and conversational confessions, Kat reveals there’s laughter, there’s beauty, inspiration and encouragement, meaning and significance in even the most ordinary life

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…So, my life, it’s different than I planned. It’s not saving lives in hospitals or flying through space or overturning rocks to expose social injustices or jetting off to romantic getaways. Most of the time, it’s really a string of bad hair days spent in yoga pants, endless laundry and housework, cooking and cleaning, constant mediation between my crazy-full-of-life-and-energy-and-fun children, timeouts, homework, carpool, runny noses, doctors’ appointments, committee meetings, client phone calls, emails, texts, early mornings, late nights, all the while trying to get everyone to work, school, and church on time, fed, and in clean clothes. It’s a balancing act of tremendous proportion, the attempt to maintain some semblance of sanity, piety, and well-being. Truthfully, most days are quite routine, quite ordinary...”

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What people are are saying about Everyday Ordinary:

“I received your book yesterday and can't put it down!! My favorite part? Hearing your voice tell the stories as if it were just you and I sitting in your kitchen.” -Sue

“Reading Everyday Ordinary…love it. Tearing up.” -Kat

“Your book makes me happy. It’s beautifully written. It’s just enjoyable to read with wisdom tucked in.” -G

“Just finished reading the introduction of your book. Love it. God is amazing.” - Larry

“Love your book. You have no idea how much you’ve inspired me.” -Letty