Editing and Design Services

It takes a million details to make a book ready to publish, everything from research to writing, from editing to proofing, from cover design to interior design. You did the hard part, you wrote your book. Now as a team, we can work through the rest of those million details to see your story or message come to life. Ready to get started? Do you have a different project in mind? For more information or a custom quote, please complete the Editing Inquiry Form.

Edit Services

Types of Editing

Once you complete your manuscript, it’s time to edit. While all authors can benefit from editing, you need to determine exactly what type of editing they are looking for so that we are in agreement on the work that will be done. Here are two services I offer:

Copy (Line) Edit

Copy Editing is the simplest level of editing focused on the small details and the big picture: check for punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and typographical errors, addressing the flaws at the sentence level, while also ensuring that the writing itself coincides with industry standards. During this process, your manuscript is polished for publication. A copyedit of your manuscript takes anywhere from three to five weeks.

Proof Reading

Proofreading is the final stage of editing that occurs after your book has been formatted for print or digital distribution. The proof is checked for minor text and formatting errors before being sent to publication.


Cover and Interior Design

A custom cover design will help strengthen your marketing efforts both in traditional print settings and in online marketplaces like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. I will work one-on-one with you to craft a professionally styled front cover, back cover and spine that incorporates all aspects of a branded, market-ready book.

print design

A well-formatted and designed print book is critical to your success as an author. Great interior design is an extension of your message and helps to convey the mood and style of your book. I will work with you, your ideas, and your images to custom design a book that you'll be proud to show off.


Technology and mobility have influenced the way people read books. More than 30% of book readers are opting for electronic-books or e-book, a digitally released version of a book specially designed for electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. In 2017, some 266 million e-books were sold, and 28 percent of readers stated that they only read print books. Take advantage of this growing industry, and format your manuscript for MOBI, EPUB, and/or fixed-format PDF.

*All design is "work for hire." Design is the property of the customer.


additional editorial and design services

  • Book Blurbs and Sales Copy

  • Press Releases

  • Book Announcement Email

  • Author Bios

  • Social Media Promo Graphics

  • Event Graphics and Posters

  • Quote Cards

  • Book Marks

  • Magazine or Publication Layout

  • Brochures

  • Digital Ads and Presentation Graphics

    *Editorial and Design Services do not include printing.