Kat's Reading List

B was going through the bank statement and asked, “Did you order something from Amazon Digital?”

I might have,” I called out from the kitchen. “I was looking at a book on Amazon, but I thought I took it out of my shopping cart. I wonder if I accidentally ordered it.”

Accidental ordering with one-click purchasing. It’s too easy. It’s dangerous…and that’s I why I turned off one-click ordering on Amazon. With the regular shopping on Amazon, I have click through several screens before I confirm the order, which gives me time to really think about what I am buying.

I joined B at the dining table and pulled up the Kindle App on my iPad. If I did buy the book, it didn’t download. So I went to and checked my order history. “Nope, it wasn’t me.”


Then I was sad. For a glimmering moment, I thought that maybe I made a happy little mistake. It’s not like I need a new book, right now. I have several unread books. But I really want to read this book. I pulled it out of my digital shopping cart because my birthday is less than a week away. If I could just be patient, I might get it as a present. My kids are always asking what I want for my birthday. Mostly what I want is peace among the natives and to not have to repeat myself a hundred times. But since they are unwilling to give me that, I ask for books…and chocolate. I usually get chocolate and buy the books myself.

However, my birthday is still a few days away, and there is always hope.

So what’s on my reading list? Check it out. I just finished reading Melanie Shankle’s “Church of the Small Things” and Jen Hatmaker’s “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.” Both were great reads. The other books in my stack are in progress. There are two books I would like to order. And, I’m looking for a great novel. Any suggestions?