Meat Pie

We’ve been binge-watching Suits on Amazon Prime. It’s a compelling show about lawyers and money, clearly a world that we know nothing of. We are not rich people, and we’ve never retained a lawyer for personal use, except in the closing of our first home and he was brought in by our realtor to do something that I didn’t understand. I liked it when they handed us the keys to our new house and sent us off.

The show is also about fashion, impossibly gorgeous fashion for both women and men. 

In just the last few weeks, we made our way to Season Five of Suits, watching the drama unfold and then twist and then turn and then sorta, kinda get wrapped up. One of the things I really like about the show is the theme song, in specific the line, “Get another piece of pie for your wife…” I sing it every time, and then repeat it and repeat it until B says, “I suppose you want me to get you a piece of pie.”

“Yes,” and yet he has not got me a piece of pie since we started watching Suits.

PIE for dinner

A couple nights ago, just after we watched an episode of Suits, we went to bed and B turned on an episode of Rules of Engagement, the one where Adam told Jennifer, his fiancé, that they didn’t need to go to the diner because he brought her a whole cherry for dinner.

          Jennifer: You want to have pie for dinner?

          Adam: Uh-huh.

          Jennifer: It has never been more clear that we belong together.

I sang out loud, “Get another piece of pie for your wife.”

And then B said, “You would not like it if I brought you a whole pie for dinner.”


“No, you would not. You would not let us eat just pie for dinner,” he said with a huff.

 “Yes, yes, I would. It’s pie. Especially if it’s coconut cream pie or chocolate cream pie.”

“No. You would make us eat other stuff, “ B said turning back to the TV, “and then you would let us have a small piece of pie for dessert.”

“Nope. I would take my whole chocolate cream pie upstairs to the bedroom where I would eat it naked in bed with an entire bowl of whipped cream.”

B laughed and said, “You wouldn’t want pie in bed. You would eat an entire bowl of whipped cream.”

I sang again, “Get another piece of pie for your wife.”

Obviously, this conversation had some impact on B, because last night at bedtime, he said, “So Friday night is pie night. I am going to bring you an entire chocolate cream pie for dinner.”


“Are you sure that you want chocolate cream pie for dinner? I feel like you’re letting me off easy because I know how much you like coconut cream pie.”

I smiled, “Nobody else in the family likes coconut cream pie. So it would really just be me eating an entire pie by myself. And while I like the idea of pie for dinner, an entire pie does seem a little self-indulgent and excessive.”

“Uh-huh.” I knew what he was thinking. He thought I was going to back down on letting us eat just pie for dinner.

“So maybe we should have something else for dinner…”

“See, I knew you wouldn’t let us have just pie for dinner!” He said sitting up.

“…Something like Australian Meat PIE,” I said.


 “Unless, of course, you don’t want meat pie,” I said coyly.

 “No, no, you said it, and now you can’t take it back,” he said. “You can’t tease me with Australian Meat Pie. You know how much I love it.”

It’s true, B loves Meat Pie. So do the kids. (You can read all about my family’s love Australian Meat Pie in my new book coming out soon! There’s an entire chapter about Australian Meat Pie.)

“I’ll make the meat pie, and I’ll see if I can find a good recipe for chocolate cream pie.”

“I’ll get the chocolate pie. The song says, ‘Bring another piece of pie for your wife.’ I gotta do what the song says, so I bring the chocolate pie,” he said. “I’ll buy a pie because I’m sure not going to make one. Just to be clear, Friday is pie day.”

Yep, Friday is pie day.