We were all in the car on Sunday evening picking Ash up from The Mystery Club cast and crew wrap party, when I said, “I cannot think of a more perfect birthday weekend. Thank you all so much.”

“So it was okay?” B asked.

“It was great. We had date day on Friday, and I was pampered. We watch a super fun movie on Friday night. We slept in on Saturday and went to see Ash’s show on Saturday night. We had a Palm Sunday celebration and I got to see the matinee of Ash’s show on Sunday. We ate sandwiches. We had chips and gummies and chocolate. We had birthday cake. What an amazing weekend,” I replied.

“Yeah, we did pretty good once I took off my ass hat,” B said.

“You don’t have an ass hat,” I said.

“Yes, I do. You know I do.”

Then Ren said, “Yeah he does, Momma. He wears it all the time.”