Ash Qdoba.jpg

Yesterday after school, the Girl said, “We should get Qdoba for dinner.”

“I was just thinking about Qdoba this morning,” I said.

“Great, let’s get Qdoba.”

“We have other dinner plans tonight, but maybe this weekend we can do homemade Qdoba bowls at home,” I said.

“No, Momma,” she said. “That’s just not the same. That would be homemade Mexican food, not Qdoba.”

“We could look up what goes into a Qdoba bowl and make it ourselves,” I said. “We could make really good Qdoba bowls at home.”

“Why make an inferior product? Let’s just go get Qdoba.”

Teenager logic. Can’t really fight it but I gotta try. Because while I really like a Qdoba bowl, what I really like more is not the spending money. So homemade Qdoba bowls it is! If you hear loud wailing, that would be the Girl lamenting over her homemade Qdoba bowl.

 Not long after we got home in that afternoon, the Girl walked meekly into the living room where I was sitting on the couch reading. She handed me her glass, which at first glance, looked suspiciously broken, The right arm jutted away from the frame at an odd angle.

“We were playing and Ren kicked me in the face, accidentally,” she said at first, but then she confessed, “Actually I sat on him and tickled his feet and then he kicked me in the face.”

I wasn’t angry, it just meant a trip to the eyeglasses place to repair her glasses. Again, nothing too difficult because she had another pair of glasses with the same frames but with an older prescription. We grabbed the old frames and the new frames and headed out.

When we got to the eyeglasses store, the Girl said, “Oh look, it’s right next door to Qdoba. How’s that for providence?”

I parked the car and asked, “Did you and Monkey Boy hatch a plan to get Qdoba for dinner?”

“Why yes, Mother. I told Monkey Boy to kick me in the face because I knew that if we were right here, next door, that it would be oh-so-convenient to just pick up some Qdoba and take it home. But I knew I had to make it really convincing,” she said.

So guess who got Qdoba for dinner.