It was nearly bedtime when Monkey Boy announced that he was hungry. B was in the kitchen and asked him, “Do you want a piece of bread?

“Yes, please,” Monkey Boy replies. So B cuts a thick piece of bread, and then Monkey Boy said, “How about a piece of cheese, too?”

“Let’s see what we have.” B opens the fridge.

“I want white cheese,” Monkey Boy states.

“We have a slice of that, and we have the kind with holes,” said B.

“The round kind, and a piece of cheddar.” Monkey Boy continued.

He watched B take out the cheese and put it on the counter. “And can you put the cheese on the bread?”


“Can you make that into a sandwich with pickles and mayo?”

“You’re changing your order,” said B.

“And I want a pickle on the side, too.”